What’s under the dress – My wardrobe malfunction

party dresses failI love to wear party dresses with big sunflower prints, and a nice pair of vintage lady glasses. The party was for the son of our colleague who just turned one year old. The thing with this crowd is that everyone is almost married with kids, except for yours truly and my best friend who happened to work for the creatives department. We both came without dates so we decided to stay together. She was wearing a fully covered lace dress up to her knee, with her black wayfarer sunglasses. We both looked stylish and proper, very fitting for the event.

I was on my way to get some more whisky from the bar when I felt a cool breeze at the right side of my waist. I thought it must be the wind in contrast to the warmth of my skin due to alcohol. I was already at the bar when the waitress leaned over and told me that I had a rip on my dress.That’s when I stopped and realized what was happening.

From my lower rib-cage, to the right side of my thigh was this big hole that showed by skin and unfortunately, the tattoo which I got when I was much younger. That being said, you can just imagine my horror when I realized I’ve been walking around, exposed to strangers and colleagues. I was hoping no one I know noticed, but they did. One of our colleagues came up to me and asked me about my tattoo.

So with much discomfort, I told him yeah I got one, and that was all he was allowed to know about it. He looked annoyed at my answer, but quite frankly, I didn’t really care. All I can think about was how I can get out of this party so I can change into something more comfortable and not be under the inspecting eyes of strangers. Without second-guessing, I grabbed the side of my dress, and walked towards my best-friend. I told her we were leaving, and upon seeing my outfit’s condition, she didn’t say another word. She grabbed her purse and were out of the party in no time.

On the way home, we ended up laughing about the whole thing. She was quite surprise about my irritation towards the question about my tattoo. I told her, I was just as surprised as myself as she was. Why did it irk me so much to be asked about my tattoo more than being talked about because of my wardrobe malfunction?

I realized then that getting a tattoo is a personal experience. When I got my first tattoo, I had it placed it on my right hip so it will be hidden from people. I didn’t get it to be cool. I got it as a reminder of a promise I made to myself when I was twenty-five. I promised to never settle for second best. It’s been with me for year that there are times when even I forget that I have it. In the most literal of ways, it becomes a part of you that you just tend to forget about it. I can’t explain it but I don’t feel comfortable to have to explain why I got this tattoo. It is almost like I have to explain myself to someone, when in point of fact I don’t have to. Less I sound like some teenage rebel, I’m not. I’m thirty years old. I work as a brand manager and I moonlight as photographer during my free times. I am also very sociable. So less you start boxing me into a stereotype, let it be known that I might be a bit more fluid than being boxed as a tattoo-donning introvert who likes to keep to herself. There was something about having to answer that question that made me very uncomfortable. But I decided to not make a big deal out of it.

Nicki Minaj on Her Wardrobe Malfunction

My best-friend and I decided to change to more comfortable clothes and go for some drinks. We talked about my wardrobe malfunction and we laughed so hard over what happened. It was over two bottles of beer and some nachos when I realized that there will be times in life when we get a tear in our pretty dresses, showing a scar from our past. And sometimes even when we don’t want other people to see it, they do. You can just imagine the laughter I was trying to suppress over the realization that I just formulated a semi-profound thought over some beer and food after being embarrassed and horrified for being almost naked in front of strangers.

liliana_vessBut kidding aside, I really learned some interesting lessons from the experience. Firstly, it’s okay to laugh at yourself. Sometimes the best way to get out of an embarrassing situation is to just have the self-irony to laugh about it. Besides, how many times in my thirty-something life can I speak of such experience? Secondly, tattoo or no tattoo, what’s under that dress is more than skin, it’s a person who is far more complex than what any ink or scar stands for. I was afraid that people would judge me for having a tattoo, or they will remember be as the girl with the torn dress. But that’s not who I am, for I am more than a torn dress and a red face, or a girl who has a tattoo even when she looked like she doesn’t have one. I’m far more complex than that. Thirdly, I shouldn’t feel to bad when people ask. I can’t control what they do, but I can control what I feel about it. There was absolutely no need being worked up over a question, which may or may not mean anything apart from it being a mere question. There’s nothing to be upset about really.

So with one deep breathe, I felt better about the incident. I realized there was more to it being a humiliating experience, just as there’s more to me than what’s under my dress.